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Senior Lash Artist

Passion for lashes

A lot of people ask how I got into the lash business. A few years ago, a close friend took a lash course and loved it. She said she enjoyed making clients feel good about themselves and how lashes simplified their day with a ready-to-go look. She convinced me to do my lashes and… I was instantly hooked. I loved getting them done and how uplifted and confident they made me feel. I knew I wanted to share that exact experience with others. So, after taking courses and getting certified, I started renting space at Tib Street Hair Studio in Okotoks and Brown Sugar Lash Artistry & Training was born.

It’s been an incredible experience so far. I have amazing clients and have developed deep connections with each of them, for which I am very grateful. They make it easy and fun to come to work every day. I’ve been so inspired and empowered by their transformations once their lashes are applied – they walk a little taller, have a bounce to their step and smile even brighter. They may not know it, but their passion and support has given me the courage to reach higher and follow my dreams even further.

Building the boss-babe tribe

As Brown Sugar evolves, this website and blog will make it easier to share my services, my expertise, to book appointments and share upcoming courses.

I’ve grown such a love for educating and training in eyelash extensions that I’m going to be offering more courses in the future. Watching the students succeed has been incredibly rewarding. My favourite part of any course has been watching them transition from an initial struggle of applying the first lashes, to getting that ‘aha’ moment when everything clicks and beautiful lashes are seamlessly applied. In that special moment, we’re proud of each other and of our success. Through these courses, we’re able to spread lash-love and are creating a boss-babe tribe of lash experts.

I look forward to this exciting next step in the Brown Sugar journey and to meeting more amazing boss babes in the studio and classroom! Let’s dream bigger, work together and create stunning sets of lash extensions together!

XO, Yasmeen

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